The idea that may fix the economy

Idea To fix the economy:
this idea provides a foundation for a system of rapid restoration of the economy,and a recource based economy in the long run:
for every product large, or small, purchased by a consumer, there is a portion of stock given to them fractionally proportional
to the profit of the company, as determined by inflation.
Simple as that.
*as soon as someone decides to use my idea, they can have it, as long as they let me help them as well, to help me, to help them,etc, as the governing concepts for this idea need further reiteration.*
i want to start a business that gives all companies, large and small, the opportunity to take part in micro-stock consumer marketing,
or what I like to call business (or micro-stock) democracy.
According to my theory:
This idea puts the power of decision on the capital contributed by all (democracy) of the population directly into that populations hands,
respectively. The corporations will eventually become owned by the people directly, and simultaneously the people will gain significant
capital relative to the general  populations spending, relative to their capital in the company, and so on, and most importantly if we all use
the money generated to build manufacturing/automation machines that we would own, this system will evolve the current economy into a rescource based world economic system.
post and repost this idea, as change must happen soon, or bad things will continue to happen indefinitely.
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